Sunday, September 23, 2007


A little over two years ago, I had a dream of finishing a marathon. My first blog,, called, "Marathon Dreams," chronicles that journey. In March 2007, I completed that goal by running the 2007 Olathe Marathon, actually placing first in my age division. Last week, I completed my second marathon, the 2007 Lewis & Clark Marathon in St. Charles, Missouri. I've run, I've finished, I've laughed and cried over my goals but I feel a new journey is in front of me. I think I can check that box of "Marathon Dreams."

This blog is about my dream to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Here are the rules: I must finish in a time of 3:50:59 or less in a qualifying marathon event. I'd like to do that this Spring (2008). The challenge? Well, my best marathon time is 4:16:52, run last weekend. It should have been a lot better, but you can read through my other blog to find out what happened. A marathon is long, no doubt about it. A lot can happen out there, no matter how much you prepare.

I've hired a professional coach now. I've realized this is a goal that is more likely to be achieved with professional help. No, I didn't say I'd hired a Psychiatrist, but yes, most of you would probably vote that's what I should have done! So here is the beginning of my next journey.

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