Friday, October 26, 2007

Will That Be One Marshmallow, Or Two?

One of the greatest predictors of future success in life can be discerned at a young age: If you offer a very young child one marshmallow now, or two if s/he waits 20 minutes, you can conclude with a reasonably high degree of certainty that the child who will wait to reap the greater reward already grasps what it takes to be successful and will likely carry that trait into adulthood.

Marathon running is like that. There is a dedication to a long term goal that spills over into other parts of life. Perhaps it is the other way around. The connection is clear. If your hobby is running marathons, you are likely to be highly disciplined, full of integrity and faithful to a long term commitment and you are probably successful in life by most measures.

I was fascinated to read about the "business" of marathons. With some races drawing 10s of thousands of race participants in this highly sought after demographic, it is no small impact to the local economy of the hosting city. Having invested nearly $1,000 this summer just to race in St. Charles between hotel nights, meals, airplane tickets and other transportation is evidence enough. But, read on for some interesting facts.

Runner Profile Highlights from 2006 Runner's World Sub Study, Erdos and Morgan):
  • Gender: Women 47.4% / Men 52.6%
  • Median Age: 44.0 years old
  • College Educated: 93% Graduated College+: 74%
  • Married: 74.4%
  • Number of people in household: 2.9 people
  • 2005 individual employment income before taxes, average: $74,100 [$63,600 median]
  • 2005 household employment income before taxes, average: $139,000 [$113,000 median]
  • 2005 household net worth, average: $943,000 [$500,000 median]
This week, I am back in sort of a routine with real miles instead of my daily short runs. And ice baths only three times this week. Rick, your tip on getting used to the cold water BEFORE the ice could be the most valuable nugget of the month! Far more tolerable. Thank you! I ran 4 on Monday, 4 on Wednesday, 5 yesterday, 3 today and have 7 for tomorrow. My leg pain continues to wane, but lingers just enough to keep me edgy and a little nervous.

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