Saturday, February 16, 2008

An Eat-Clean Testimonial

A pound of fat takes up a lot of room. Imagine a full pound of lean chicken breast. It’s twice that volume and then some. Now imagine four-and-a-half pounds of fat. Ewww, ya that’s what I was thinking. Well, I’m four-and-a-half pounds lighter, and I’ll guarantee you most of that is fat.

I’m fifteen days into “eating clean,” impressed by my discipline and the radical change it has brought into my life. My tastes, my fueling, my energy have all evolved. I stood in the kitchen last night after my husband got home, and showed off how baggy my (formerly tight) jeans were, “Look at what it’s done for my waist, “ I proudly showed off. “I could always lose weight, but it seemed to come out of my face and my legs, never really tapping into this,” as I pointed to my flattening tummy. “Hey, I can almost slide them over my hips!” In a quick motion, to my surprise, I did. Like the snow melting from the jagged mountain top (to use Tosca’s words), I am erasing the fat I don’t want, leaving the lean body I want revealed. I think I’m half way there now.

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