Sunday, July 27, 2008

1 Mile "Fun Run" with My Daughter

I left my watch at home. We lined up dead last in the back. There were about 80 people or so, of various shapes and sizes. I was really hoping we didn't actually come in dead last, but I knew that was a distinct possibility. My only real goal today was to get my 6-year-old daughter across the finish line of the 1 mile fun walk / run. She'd gone that distance a few times, but it was never easy. And although she'd trained a little (for about a month), it was still a risk she might give up on me.

We started off at a nice slow jog (think 12+ minutes per mile). I was hoping we'd make it to the turn-around point before she'd beg for a walk break. But, since it was all uphill, no such luck. I did get her to walk / jog in repeated bursts all the way to the top. The rest was downhill.

Only one disappointment was that the course instructions included a small loop at the bottom of the hill before we turned into the parking lot. Intent on showing good manners and obeying the rules of the course, we took the loop while no one in front of us or behind us did. Even for a a fun run, if a race hands out places and assigns finishing times, the race director should have posted someone there to ensure all runners / walkers followed the rules.

The best part was crossing the finish line, holding her hand, and not dead last in fact; even with taking the loop. I think we were 44th. What a great feeling to share something so special with my child. I hope this is the beginning of many shared races! She says she wants to do a 5K now!

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Rick said...

Way to get your children interested in an active lifestyle. You set a great example!