Sunday, April 19, 2009

2009 Nelson's Island 5K

Thunderstorms were still rolling through as late as 6:30 AM, and I saw a few lightning flashes on my drive to the Mid-America Sports Complex. However, things had died down, and by race start, it was merely fairly breezy and very, very wet from a weekend of heavy rains.

When he said "line-up," I must have thought he meant for the hokey-pokey, cuz I put my left foot in....Alright, a little less dorky, ready to press a button, but not clear if I am actually ready to run!
I like this blurry picture, as it captures the essensce of the early part of a 5K. I actually look fast! And, I am really in the lead. For a short while.
That's me... front of the pack in the white singlet:
And here I am, bringing it into the finishing chute. Weary and lonely, but such is the life!

And here's my final pass right before the chute:
This course was advertised as "flat and fast." Not only was there a "you've gotta me kidding me" overpass at the first half mile to climb up for 100', but I had to do it again on the back side. With four hairpin turns, there was nothing flat or fast about this course. I splashed through several puddles that went over my ankles, and my shoes and socks were full of water! It was, however, still a lot of fun!

My time was a bit slow... but such were the conditions. However, I did land a win with first overall female and third overall. They gave me the purple lei and the way cool tropical palm tree with the monkey as a prize :-)


Sharneysrun said...

Another great win! Congrats :-)

runner-grrl said...

Thanks, Sharon! Write me soon and tell me how you are doing :-) --Alex

Anonymous said...

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RunColo said...

Are most of these courses accurate according to your Garmin? Generally speaking, my Garmin has all certified courses long, thus most 5k's show up around 3.15 or so, which makes sense being that it's hard to run all of the tangents and the Garmin is not 100%accurate.

Growing up in Iowa, I am all to familiar with the small town 5k that was measured with the Race Directors Chevy Citation, thus curious. Because if a course is even off .005 that can be ~20 seconds right there.

Well done though!

runner-grrl said...

Runcolo, Yes, I've never run a 3.1 5K course. Typically, 3.14 or 3.15 is what it comes out to be. I figure that's any of my weaving and not taking tangents like a piece of string. Plus, I've heard that all certified courses are deliberately a smidgen long, so as not to be challenged if there is a record.

Right now I'm sitting around hoping I have another good 5K or two left in me before the season draws to a close. I hope I haven't peaked already.

Thanks for the visit! --Alex