Thursday, May 21, 2009

Foot Recovering Nicely

As painful as that foot pain was for the first few days, I'm now certain it was a case of extensor tendonitis from an episode a few days earlier when my shoes were too tight and I pushed through a hard workout anyway. That explains everything, including the swelling up into the shin for the first few days.

For the record, this hurt as badly or worse than the tibial stress fracture I had so many months ago. Lesson learned, though, not every severe pain from running is a broken bone.

The really good news is I am now healing very quickly, and am feeling no more pain or swelling. I am able to wear normal shoes and walking and jumping isn't a problem. The bad news is, Vince wanted me to wait a full two weeks in between seasons before I start running again. This is day 9 of that hiatus, and time clicks by slowly. I am anxious to run again, and hope that maybe I'll get early release and get in a few miles this weekend.


Funnyrunner said...

awww, man. Injuries stink. I continue to be impressed with your anatomical vocabulary, though. do you need a 3:50? I need a 3:45 to qualify until after September 30th when I'll move up to needing a 3:50 to qualify for Boston 2011.... are you doing a fall marathon?

runner-grrl said...

Funnyrunner, Yes, I need a 3:50 to qualify for Boston. I ran Chicago last year and was on track to 22 miles, then the heat just got to me. I slowed and ran a 3:54. I'm running Chicago again this year. I'm hoping all my 5K work will pay off in a much faster marathon time (I was able to PR at 22:00). What marathon are you going to run this fall? -Alex