Monday, October 12, 2009

Post Race Thoughts and Snapshots

"I was unable to walk for a whole week after that, so much did the race take out of me. But it was the most pleasant exhaustion I have ever known." --Emil Zatopek after Olympic Marathon win
My final official time was 3:38:22. Not bad, considering my self prediction going into the race was 3:44. And I was going to be happy with that.

I found two pictures already posted, thought I'd throw them out here. (I'll post more as they are available.)
Interesting photo, I had just finished fighting back the first round of tears that threatened to rend me in two, and was somewhat in shock at what had just happened. I don't actually read that on my face, I just wanted her to snap the picture and move on. I was worried if I told her no, I would fight longer to explain than I would if I just gave in.

That said, the "next" plan is formulating. You could say I have a few leads. I'm already feeling better, having peaked in soreness earlier today. I am looking forward to a few weeks of complete rest and recovery. My body, mind, and spirit need it.


Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing the photos! You don't even look tired :) Enjoy your well deserved rest & relaxation!

runner-grrl said...

Sharon, Thanks! Funny, they must have put a "tired" filter on the camera :-) Should have rest of pictures up in the next day or so... --Alex

Does P90X Work said...

Sorry - posting a bit late
I't's true. In your photos you actually don't look that annihilated (which is what I would look like). And a very respectable time.
~ Toby

runner-grrl said...

P90X, Thanks for the visit and the kind words. It has been two years.. and so much water under the bridge. I'm glad you brought this post back to my attention, as I'd forgotten about this moment and probably needed to be reminded :). Not mere serendipity I don't think. Best, --AG