Thursday, June 5, 2008

Keeping Up with Rick

"So, what age are your youngest kids?" Rick inquires after about 4 miles, seemingly not out of breath and his pulse hasn't broken 100 yet. I'm glad he's at least sweating, or I might have just given up.

"Six," I manage, thankful I can answer this in just one syllable. I want to add, "And they'll be 7 in August." But, I'm focused on one thing: Keeping up.

"You're not doing a very good job of holding back on this run!" Rick cheerfully notes, looking back, notably BEHIND himself.

What? Was it the sweat pouring off of me? Or the fact I haven't spoken more than 5 syllables in one burst for at least a mile?

All self-deprecating humor aside, this run was a lot of fun, and I felt so much better for it! By the time my shower was done, I felt quite refreshed and ready for another run again already. Too bad that will have to wait until tomorrow. And after a long conversation with Vince on Monday, I felt equally re-assured that my training would be hard enough for what is coming my way. That and today's run was exactly what I needed to shake any lingering blues!

Check out Rick's cool BIM site with Garmin data.

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Rick said...

You exaggerate just a little... I was really impressed with how well you ran. I lost 2 lbs of water weight in 5 miles. It was humid out there!

Thanks for showing me the trail. Let me know when you want to run together again.