Monday, June 16, 2008

The Perfect Friend

I arrived home from my trip to FL / GA to find a medium brown box sitting on my side of the bed. "Hmm....," I thought, "I wasn't expecting any packages." Picking it up, I saw it was from Bonnie, my BFF and co-worker. She must be sending me a test phone or something... but I was curious, so I opened it right away.

Tucked inside was a "Congratulations!" card on my new PR and finish in Ottawa. Wrapped up inside was a lightweight, white hat with "26.2" and a running girl on the front. Two years ago after several traveling trips together, we quickly bonded and it wasn't long before she was my BFF. This is a picture of us together in Mountain View after a hard day of work in the corporate office.

Bonnie, though she is not a runner, shares many similar interests. She's as dedicated to her work-outs as I am running, and even more disciplined in her diet. She constantly inspires me, lifts me up and encourages me. And this weekend, she'll be entering her first figure competition (one of three classes of this genre: body building, fitness and figure). Bonnie, you are totally going to win! When you walk out there on stage, act like you've already won! Wish I could be there to cheer you on. :-)

Knowing that we are the "fitness gurus" of the office, we are often kidded in various ways. Once, a VP teased us, "So, Alex, do you think Bonnie could beat you up?" I quickly assured him there was no doubt (I mean, look at the guns on her arms; I have sticks for arms), but concluded, "I can still outrun her."

And now, I promote Bonnie to the status of Perfect Friend! You rock, Bonnie! Thank you!!

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runner-grrl said...

Congratulations, Bonnie! Bonnie took 2nd place in Figure Novice, Figure Master and 3rd place in Figure Tall. You were robbed in Novice, should have gotten first! You were the most shredded, leanest woman up there, yay!--Alex