Monday, October 13, 2008

It Really Was Hot Out There!

Went to check the weather report from yesterday at, and this was what was officially recorded for yesterday in Chicago (race day). It really was quite warm.

I did not rest very well last night (race hormones I guess), but I'm up and headed back home today. I have two serious blisters on my left foot, and my calves and quads are predictably sore. All in all, though, I've felt worse after marathons.

But, I am still quite happy--now even more so seeing how hot it actually was. It made for a tough finish!


Justin the Lawyer said...

You didn't sleep well that night either. I thought it was just me all keyed up on adrenaline. After such an outpouring of energy you would think we would have slept like babies. The next day I almost fell asleep during my bankruptcy conference. It will go down in history as the most exciting Chicago marathon weekend i have ever been a part of, you performed amazingly. Drop me an email at ;)

RunColo said...

I see where your favorite book is "Atlas Shrugged", mine too.

I'm a big Ayn Rand fan, hopefully you have also read "The Fountainhead."

In a lot of ways, the books is incredible revelant to today's economic crisis. Everyone is blaming corporations/CEOs and of course Govt. is promising to fix everyones problems!

Rest up for the marathon! Have you thought about your next one yet?

runner-grrl said...
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runner-grrl said...

Runcolo, Yes, without a doubt, Atlas Shrugged has formed my practical mind more than any other...

I firmly believe that the government has responsibilities in protecting its citizens, but not in undermining their ability to support themselves...
which is exactly what happened in today's economic crisis (esp the housing markets, where large lending houses were encouraged to soften lending practices...).

But wait.. I think that's a topic for my next blog ;-)

I have been too busy to address the next marathon today. I am convinced that my effort in Chi two days ago was harder than actually qualifying for BQ would have been, had the weather been perfect. Need to figure out if I do another one really soon, or wait until after the first of the year.

Recommendations? --Alex

runner-grrl said...

Justin, Thanks for the comment--I did drop you a note to that email. Check your spam folder ;-) --Alex

Anonymous said...

Ms. 38833,

Thank you for a great first 15 miles! Very tough conditions to run well - I'm sure 5 or 10 degrees cooler would have been the difference in getting you to 3.50

I was talking with a friend yesterday who ran Chicago a couple years ago and he reminded me of all of the weaving in and out of people that is necessary for the first 5 to 10 miles. Not sure there is an alternative -- and the incredibly supportive crowd makes it worth it -- but that did expend a fair amount of our energy.

It sounds like your last 4 miles were a lot like my last 9. While my time was way off what I'd trained for, gutting out the last 9 and finishing is something that I feel good about.

Let's run 3.30 together at our next marathon. And then the marathon after that I think we'll be ready to run up front with the Kenyans.

Enjoy the recovery - you earned it!

Dave from Boston

runner-grrl said...

Dave! I'm so happy to hear from you :-)

I looked you up just to make sure you'd finished OK (there were only a few Dave's from Boston). Those first 15 were so much fun! I told you that you'd make it into my blog :-)

I'd run another marathon with you anytime, anywhere--you were great support!

My running buddy is targeting 3:30, so maybe some of that fast training will wear off on me :-) He pulls me a lot faster than I should be running (but it works).

That's right, up front with the Kenyans next! Hahahaha. Keep in touch! --Alex