Friday, April 18, 2008

Five Weeks To Ottawa

I'm fascinated with my new body. I'm a little more than seven pounds lighter than I was when I started the "Eat Clean" diet a few months ago. And the last time I actually hit this morning's weight was August 10, 2006, in a period of extreme duress trying to make a job change (which, of course, all turned out ok). The last time I weighed this and was normal and healthy... was well before I began running in 2005. I have no idea when.

I'm fascinated because I'm here, in a perfect storm of fat loss, increased energy, and the most strength I've ever had. Running is my primary gig, but I didn't undertake eating clean or running just to lose weight. I wanted all of the benefits that came with it. And I have especially focused on not losing muscle in the process. I've done that by following the principles of "Eating Clean:" eating frequently, eating a lot of lean meats and fish, at least three cups of fresh fruit or vegetables a day, avoiding sugar and refined carbs, and supplementing with protein shakes. I combine that with other strength building exercises on the side. Five to six days a week, I do push-ups, very light but high reps with dumbbells (exclusively to remain toned and not lose muscle), and core work.

The result? I think I've lost more than the 7.2 pounds of fat, because I'm pretty sure I've gained a little muscle along the way. I wake up, and I feel the difference. I feel like a coiled spring, and I'm ready to start my day. I'm impressed by how my body feels, what it can do... and just amazed at how I look. And I'm grateful that the long, hard work has paid off in this way.

I am in a really good place going into Ottawa, all the obstacles I've encountered in previous weeks aside. I am utterly uninjured, nothing is even sore. I'll run a little over 45 miles this week, and feel good about it. And I've never felt, better, stronger, faster or more powerful. I don't feel thin, I feel "Game On!" So, in the terms of the recent Nike commercial (to my old self whom I've left behind--
way behind)... "My fast is faster than your fast..."

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