Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Dreams, My Hopes, My Shoes

My Dreams. This year, I drooled over the 112th running of the Boston Marathon. My heart rate rises just to look into that picture. In 364 days, I intend to be there, somewhere in the pack, part of the biggest marathon invitation-only party in the world. This is my single-biggest goal in life right now. To qualify, and earn the right to be there for the running of the 113th Boston Marathon. In that picture. Next year. At the starting line in Hopkinton. Congratulations, Boston runners! Save me a spot for next year!

My Hopes. Yup, this is what it's going to take. A 3:50 time in a qualifying event. It's a mind game to me right now, and I need to "dial in" (to use Verna's words) that I can do this successfully. I see this number over and over, waking and sleeping.

My Shoes. What could be cooler than my first pair of racing flats? I'm not sure. But strapping them on my feet for my 2 mile repeats yesterday was incredibly thrilling. Part of me felt like I was pretending to be a runner, but part of me felt like I deserved to be wearing them. After all, I was authorized to wear them by Vince, and I did not pick them out. It's not like I'm cheating and wearing equipment that's too advanced for me just because I'm a "wanna-be," (even though this is what I fear).

I only have one more piece of equipment to obtain before the race is here.

Training is going well. I continue to be injury free, running over 40 miles per week and feeling really strong. Four-and-a-half weeks and counting! I can think of little else right now.